Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen International (3.4 miles, Road Course) in Watkins Glen, New York

The Sprint Cup moves since 1986 traditionally in August at the historic round course, which also includes the Formula 1 1961-1980 paid an annual visit. However, the course has been modified several times since 1971 and also the Sprint Cup drove not always the same route. In the said year of the "road course" received an extension, now go to the IndyCars: The part of the track between the "Inner Loop" and Turn 11 has been supplemented by four other curves, namely "Chute", "toe", "The Boat" and Turn 10 What name; Watkins Glen has attracted a shoe in the truest sense of the word, and otherwise the whole thing does not look. I personally like the old, short variant that NASCAR is still operating today, better. After a fatal accident in 1991, the route for the following year to the famous Bus stop chicane been extended to allow the approach speed for the "Inner Loop" is not too large.

One of the key points is the combination of curves "The Esses" (Turns 2-4), which you should ideally get in a steep uphill especially in starting to take a lot of speed onto the back straight. Turn 10 was once notorious for its deep gravel, where you landed at an excessively high cornering speed and mostly buried. In the course of some reconstruction work after accidents by Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr 2009 run-off areas were paved and also received several curves a SAFER Barrier to further increase security. Watkins Glen offers two good overtaking Ellen: Turn 1 ("The 90") right after start and destination where you can overtake on the brakes downhill and of course the Bus stop chicane on the back straight before the "Inner Loop". Who has taken enough speed here brings in a good postition, but often the possibilities are optimistic overrated and it crashes. The track is incidentally 2.45 miles (3.94 km) long and it is to drive a total of 90 rounds.

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