Pocono Raceway (2.5 miles, Intermediate / Super Speedway, Unique) in Long Pond, Pennsylvania

The track characteristics of Pocono Raceway, which owes its name to the surrounding hills, not really speaks for the known stock stiff race. 2.5 miles the route is actually a Super Speedway, but can rather be classified as Indianapolis: Long, but has too little banking in order to achieve higher cornering speeds. The tri-oval has three completely different turns, each reminiscent of other circuits: Turn 1 is similar with 14 ° banking the defunct Trenton Speedway, Turn 2 is during the Indianapolis Motor Speedway loan. This curve with 8 ° rise is also "Tunnel Turn" because there is the entrance to the infield with her. The Tunnel Turn, which is considered difficult to drive as is regularly the scene of spectacular cross uprights and wall contacts. Turn 3 is similar to the Milwaukee Mile with 6 °.

This characteristic is of course a compromise tuning of cars, one can not in any of the three different curves are perfect on the street and that's probably also turn 2 so difficult to control. Due to the low Banking you have also a compromise between speed and downforce find. Both the curves should be able to drive through fast, as well as find a very competitive top speed on the long straights. Actually, the Speedway is therefore rather a challenge for the engineers and not so exciting for the fans. After all, we finally went now to the demand of most parties and travels since 2012 only 400 miles in Pocono.

For several years already arguing publicly and internally about the meaning and purpose of a second race of the season in the tri-oval in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. On the plus side is probably the one hand, the good relationship with the Mattioli family, one of the last independent Speedway owner in Sprint Cup. Dover and Indy are the others, the last independent of SMI and ISC tracks. On the other hand, is just the little explored North-East US market for the NASCAR very interesting. A race around New York is just as attractive as the race at the Auto Club Speedway in nearby Hollywood. So it all depends sometimes on long hamlets when the convenient location right.

Fortunately, the makers of the Pocono Raceways now have at least the - revised security measures of the oval and passed massive improvement in security in the way - long time ailing: After two serious accidents of Kasey Kahne and Elliott Sadler 2010, for example, got the back straight at last the long-awaited outer catch fence, which the oval is now completely fenced. In addition, a SAFER Barrier was installed on the inside of the infamous back straight, which replaced the last now only ridiculous highway guardrail. What's missing is the elimination of lawn at this point in favor of an asphalt run-off area. The impact of Sadler was also the hardest, NASCAR has recorded for accident research since the introduction of electronic black boxes to date in the racing action!

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