New Hampshire Motor Speedway (1 mile, short track, 2x 180 °-turns) in Loudon, New Hampshire

The track in the Pacific Northwest is an oval with a length of 1,058 miles, a superelevation of 12% (about 7 °) and provides approximately 100,000 spectators. Twenty years ago, opened the racetrack and the race of the Sprint Cup since 1993 are held here. Since 1997, a second race of the season takes place regularly. Before the Speedway was better known in the open Wheelern, CART and Indy cars there regularly turned their rounds.

In 2000, Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin Jr were in New Hampshire their life and also after Dale Earnhardt Sr 2001 Daytona was killed, did you look at it, restructure the Speedway and introduced new safety measures in the car. The teams were required to incorporate a kind of emergency switch in the car so that in case of a stuck accelerator pedal, the engine can be switched off. When Petty and Irwin without this breaker before the frontal impact was possible when timely braking more. Before 2003 finally a SAFER Barrier was installed, the banking got donated a complete overhaul: Part of the apron was added to the roadway and struck increased to 4 °, in the direction of exterior wall Superelevation now rises to 7 ° at. Here it is likely to have acted but rather a measure to improve the quality of the race.

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway is also for the introduction of "instant Caution" incl. "Free pass rule" responsible. Until 2003, it was common that by the beginning of a yellow phase at the finish line the lap was completed even with racing speed. As Dale Jarrett stopped his car after an accident on the track, he ran the risk of being hit another car, which a "race back to the caution flag" fought. The so-called "lucky dog", ie the "lucky" that controls the first vehicle behind the leader, which has a round behind gets paid back his round of NASCAR. This was necessary because previously a "gentlemen's agreement" to the drivers on the lead lap commanded to let pass the lapped competitors in the "race to the flag."

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