Las Vegas Motor Speedway (1.5 miles, Intermediate, D-shaped) in Las Vegas, Nevada

The oval in the desert of Nevada is one of the so prominently represented in the calendar "cookie cutter" -Rennstrecken. This term refers to the 1.5-mile speedway, which all look as if they had been gouged out with the same gigantic cookie mold. Strictly speaking, however, we must distinguish between the vastly inflated quad-ovals of Speedway Motorsports Inc (Atlanta, Charlotte, Texas) and the D-range of shaped and tri-ovals of NASCAR's International Speedway Corporation (Chicagoland, Kansas). For this purpose, the ISC has yet to Homestead-Miami Speedway with its unique layout and two 180 degree turns. But in contrast, SMI is also in possession of two of shaped D or Tri-Oval: The 2008 acquired Kentucky Speedway and just the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which can come up with a special feature:

Since 2006, the Speedway has got a ribbon of asphalt with so-called "progressive banking" on the outskirts of the metropolis players as well as Homestead. This means nothing else than that the superelevation increases as we move closer to the SAFER Barrier. Boring Race demanded this measure and so the banking in Las Vegas was increased from 12 ° to 20 °, which one now stands exactly between the aforementioned types of track and reaches speeds similar in Charlotte, Atlanta or Texas. Better Racing arises from the fact that you may be traveling on all lanes quite the same speed.

The track has been around since 1996, when started the truck series there first, the Nationwide Series, followed one year later in 1998 and ultimately the Cup. The race of the first division are probably sold out on a regular basis, if we are to believe the officials of SMI and the route wants desperately another date on the calendar. But there is one big problem: A second Cup race takes owner Bruton Smith allocate internally, so what another SMI track would be fatal.

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