Kentucky Speedway (1.5 miles, Intermediate, tri-oval) in Sparta, Kentucky

The Kentucky Speedway is a typical 1.5-mile oval - a so-called cookie-cutter. Gives this name to the generic intermediate ovals like, in order to underline their each other quite similar Appearance: punched out like a cookie cutter for Christmas with cookies. The oval in Sparta, Kentucky is doing the same age Kansas Speedway next, as he and 14 ° in the turns and 8-10 ° on the home straight only about a degree is less excessive than his brother in the Midwest. The backstretch is nevertheless still on a manageable Banking of 4 °, as is a degree less than in Kansas.

Together with the two intermediate ovals and the Chicagoland Speedway was completed in 2001 as the last member of triplets this time. You can have slightly different ovals like to summarize in a group, because so far yielded at least Chicagoland the best comparison values ​​for Kansas. But only the last sibling got a place in the newly expanded 2001 calendar of the Sprint Cup, while the Kentucky Speedway for the time being had to make do with one race in the Trucks and the Nationwide Series. This occurred presumably because the NASCAR International Speedway Corporation's (ISC) showed responsible for the construction of two other intermediate ovals, while Kentucky was in the independent privately owned.

Owner Jerry Carroll was not even agree that his Speedway had received no place in the Sprint Cup and pulled unceremoniously in court. After several years of litigation ended in 2008 with a defeat of Carroll, which NASCAR could not sufficiently demonstrate the probably obvious cartels. The last possibility, still to get an appointment in Calendar, offered at this time a sale to the ISC competitors Speedway Motorsports Inc. (SMI) race tracks magnate Burton Smith. However, a potential place for the 2009 season could be so no longer realize and also quickly became clear that Smith would probably sacrifice one of his races on a SMI-line for Kentucky must.

Mid-2010 it was then known, that would not lose more regularly sold out Atlanta Motor Speedway one of its data, to allow a Kentucky race in Sprint Cup. As part of the preparation for this premiere event SMI expanded the seating capacity of the oval again from 66,000 to 107,000 seats, which were actually reported only nine days before the race as sold. The first event of the Sprint Cup to Kentucky Speedway was the same way, planned as a triple-header, with Nationwide Series and Trucks in tow.

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