Homestead-Miami Speedway (1.5 miles, Intermediate, 2x 180 °-turns) in Homestead, Florida

Since 1999, the Cup in Homestead travels in the southwest of the city of Miami, but the track itself is already a few years older. Hurricane Andrew moved large parts of the town early 90s affected and part of the reconstruction plan was the 70 million US dollar 1.5-mile oval, which initially got a Indianapolis-like layout - four flat 90 ° curves arranged as a rectangle. Since the track but was a mile shorter than the model in Indiana, there was more bad racing to see and also it was due to the turning angle of the often serious accidents. Then in 1997 John Nemechek died, the brother of Cup driver Joe Nemechek in a truck race, sparking an extensive reconfiguration of the track layouts. The two long straights were retained, however converted the 90 ° curves at each end for 8.2 million US dollars in two single continuous 180 degree turns with little banking.

Since this conversion is no better Racing produced, it came in 2003 to the so far last reconstruction, which proved to be a stroke of luck. The today so praised variable banking from 18 ° -20 ° allowing fast passage through the curves on the steeper upper part of the route, so the bottom line got serious competition, and provided extremely narrow target enemas in the following years. Since 2002, Ford is sponsoring the now traditional Championship Weekend, which participate in all three national racing series. The Nationwide Series went shortly after it opened in 1995, the first race at the Speedway, and a year later the truck came to their race, however, were held early in the year before 2002 in Florida. CART and the Indy cars were also long years since 1996 in Homestead road, where often held the first race of the season and also pre-season tests. 2009 and 2011, the final race of the IndyCar calendar was organized in Homestead, until the contract was not renewed in 2011.

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