Daytona International Speedway (2.5 miles, Super Speedway, tri-oval) in Daytona Beach, Florida

The Daytona International Speedway impressed with a total length of 2.5 miles and a unique curve elevation of 31 ° and these proportions are only surpassed by the track at Talladega. Imagine once, you'd boards on his house roof with 300km / h along, you get a good idea of ​​the action there. When you stand on the apron, one looks first several meters upwards until one sees the SAFER Barrier. Physically, this means that a car must be at least 60mph, so scarce 100km / h in order to keep on the banking above can.

Planning for the Daytona International Speedway began a few years after the founding of NASCAR. In 1953 Bill France Sr. began to discuss this huge oval and future flagship of the sport with engineers. As a feasibility study, the Ford Proving Grounds served by the way in Detroit, Michigan, in which you look at some abschaute for the realization of the extreme banking. In 1957 the ground was broken and two years later the works were completed. Fun Fact: For the huge banked earth was used from the infield, where the pit gradually filled with water due to the high water table. The resulting lake still exists today and has even been given a name: Lake Lloyd.

The long Daytona for years so characteristic bumps had after the summer 2010 race shortened lifetime, as the huge companies began to paved Daytona for the second time after 1978 new. The reason was to break up the road, which led during the repair break to a massive audience slump on the screens in the 2010 edition of the legendary Daytona 500. Almost half a year later was on the 31 ° -Banking the huge 2.5 mile Super Speedway, a new strip of asphalt, in time for the next meeting date of the Great American Race. This new racing surface mounted then also some changes, which had a huge impact on the previously known, traditional Restrictor-plate racing or Bump-Drafting: The Two-car trains were seen in 2011 for the first time at a Daytona 500.

Since 1959, the NASCAR also runs a second race of the season on the Super Speedway of Daytona. At that time, was originally the predecessor of the Champ Cars, the USAC racing series, organizing a race on the 2.5-mile stretch. However, in the run-up there were some accidents, so that they never returned to Daytona. NASCAR replaced the open-wheeler and started in the first four years with a race distance of only 250 miles before since 1962, 400 miles are driven. 2008 then the title of the official soft drink supplier of the ovals of International Speedway Corporation (ISC) changed hands and out of the Pepsi 400 was the Coke Zero 400th

The race is known that it always takes place around the time of the Independence Days, wherein a direct meeting of July 4th and the event has quite a rarity. The last race at the "Fourth of July" took place in 1992 and should be repeated in 1998 actually. Back then, however, forest fires threatened the Speedway and the race, which should be the first Daytona night race, moreover, has been moved to the fall. Since the Yanks on holidays not skimp known and the "Troops" are particularly promoted and revered, expects always a pompous show. You have to hold it like ...

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