Darlington Raceway (1.366 miles, Intermediate, Egg-shaped) in Darlington, South Carolina

The Darlington Raceway breathes pure tradition, because it is after the Martinsville Speedway the track, which could previously hold the second-longest in the NASCAR calendar. The very unusual oval in South Carolina was built in 1949-1950 and held since then at least one Cup race each year. The unusual egg shape goes back to the ownership of the surrounding land, whose owners wanted to keep his fish ponds rather than to make a circuit court. Originally a layout similar to that of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was being considered, but one side of the oval then had to be built narrower. Thus, the Darlington Raceway received two different turns, which also differ in their bends.

The track is 1.366 miles long and is home to more than 65,000 spectators, the expansion capacity (other than back then) severely limited and an adjacent highway because lying next to ponds. Turn 1 and 2 have a banking of 25 ° and a curve radius of 183m, while Turn 3 and 4 23 ° are steep and have a radius of only 160m. The two straight lines with a length of 375 meters, although exactly the same length, but have a different and extremely low banking with 3 ° (finish line) and 2 ° (back straight) on. The oval in the southern states still also holds a few records: First, the very first 500-mile race in the NASCAR took place here in 1950, nine years before the first Daytona 500 On the other hand, it was held on the first completely paved oval.

The different curves make a good set similar to Pocono difficult, either the car is neat or just in the other two turns in Turn 1 and 2. The transition to the straight line of more than 20 ° to almost 0 °, makes the curve output also like to have some wall contacts because the only fast line also results in Darlington exactly along the wall and you the car just can not perfectly to all curves . This touches here far more often rather than elsewhere, so the resulting "paint damage" as a selling point are sometimes called "Darlington Stripes". The long-drawn black lines on the outside wall to hear the same name and make the oval to the "Lady in Black".

The legendary first 500-mile race took place from 1950 to 2004 traditionally held on Labor Day and had the designation "Southern 500". Since 1957 there have been annual even a second race in Darlington, which was stretched in the distance gradually from 300 to 500 miles also. In the course of a calendar change in 2005 in favor of a second Texas race, the Southern 500 fell through the bottom and the May date was the only event of the year. Since the former sponsor Dodge in 2009 took up his hat, the race could at least be held back than Southern 500, though not in its usual date. Two more Darlington facts: On the one hand were the target and back straight swapped in an earlier restructuring and other 2007 got the track a new strip of asphalt. This GPS technology was used in order not to change the original character as possible - which is also a success, according to driver opinions.

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