Chicagoland Speedway (1.5 miles, Intermediate, tri-oval) in Joliet, Illinois

The track in Joliet, Illinois in the southwest of Chicago is one of the most typical of the NASCAR "cookie cutter tracks", ie, a 1.5-mile oval with the usual D-shaped layout. A special feature of the track but on because basically the Chicagoland Speedway is one big curve, since the back straight as is "tri-oval" the home stretch also bent. The banking in the turns with 18 ° steep and not just occupies a place behind the faster routes from Atlanta, Texas and Lowe's Motor Speedway. The start-finish straight can at least offer 11 °, while the "counter-curve" has yet 5 °.

The complex was mashed between 1999 and 2001 for 130 million US dollars from the ground and is therefore still relatively young. The facility, which offers 75,000 spectators, is led by the International Speedway Corporation NASCAR own and save the NASCAR driving here, since 2001, the Indy cars. The 400-mile race of the Sprint Cup is already held as long, which makes the oval one of the younger ones in the NASCAR calendar. Currently, only one race per season is moved to Chicago. Between 2007 and 2008, floodlights were installed at the Speedway, the European fans once again NASCAR Racing means to us at bedtime. The first night race was Kyle Busch to win the race and the success of the second division, he also took the same time. Kevin Harvick managed the feat in Joliet, there to win the first two Cup races at all.

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