Charlotte Motor Speedway (1.5 miles, Intermediate, quad oval) in Concord, North Carolina

From 1959-1960, the then and now again known as "Charlotte Motor Speedway" oval of Bruton Smith was built for dirt-cheap nowadays 1.25 million U.S. dollars in Concord, North Carolina. With 167,000 spectators, the track is also one of the big five in NASCAR, which this category comprises. The Speedway is still owned by Speedway Motorsports Inc and represents something like the flagship line of the company represents, whose company headquarters is also located on the premises. Similarly, the area of ​​Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of most NASCAR teams: 90% of all racing teams have built their headquarters within a radius of 80km around the Speedway around, some even "directly opposite". 1999 sold the route their naming rights for ten years on the U.S. home improvement chain Lowe's, which is also a sponsor of Jimmie Johnson at the same time. End of 2009, said contract ran out, however, so that the oval is known by its original name since 2010.

1.5 miles and 24 ° banking make the Charlotte Motor Speedway one of the fastest circuits on the calendar. The layout divides the oval with his also in 1960 opened sister track in Atlanta and the still comparatively young Texas Motor Speedway: All routes are "quad ovals", ie have as usual four turns, but a bent through two links Knicks start-finish straight, which they differ slightly from the "D-shaped" ovals. Except for a Chase race in October in Charlotte (actually Concord) moved in May, where NASCAR to two directly consecutive weekends a similarly big show like the "Daytona Speedweeks" rears, where even in a pit crew challenge the best pit crew of the Cup is determined. At the All-Star Race one weeks followed later with the Coca-Cola 600, the longest race of the year. 2005 made it to its name because it was so far the only race that lasted more than five hours; Red-phase excluded. Debt was Goodyear who brought an unsuitable tires for track, which previously received a roadway rehabilitation. A record-breaking 22 Cautions were the result.

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