The Motorsport Season 2012 begins slowly resume driving, and therefore there is like the last year have a preview of Racing blog where you can see which race series.

In 2012, there is again a lot of motor sport on TV to see at the transmitting stations not much has changed. The situation of Internet streams, however, is in motion. So, this year there probably for the first time the V8 Supercars Live stream without "Geoblock" in Germany to see. The two biggest racing series in the world it is unfortunately different. In Formula 1, there are as recent years have no official stream, but only a live timing for registered users of the web page. Also in the NASCAR it does not look better. There the Turner Group owns all Internet rights for 2012. And so far made no attempt to stream races on the internet (apart from the race on TNT that there will be in the Race Buddy from 10 different perspectives). However, one can hope to next year: the beginning of February, the NASCAR the entire online rights, including live streaming options from 2013 Turner bought back.

Overall, however, can be said that more and more series distribute their products via the Internet and via official live streams and interviews. For example, the above-mentioned V8 Supercars or the BTCC. Other series transmitted even partially the whole race days and its frame series on the Internet, such as the ADAC GT weekend (apart from the "main event" of the GT Masters) and the FFSA GT (French GT3 Cup). As is interesting also can see that especially the ACO has probably noticed the possibilities offered by the Internet. So last year were streamed live fully the ALMS (American Le Mans Series) and the WEC (World Endurance Championship). Some things will never change well, and so there is also this year no (legal) Stream of MotorsTV - too bad, since you some interesting series transmits this year.

The following overview is in accordance with the present information on 4 March, however during the season extended geupdate or if there is new information. Small note: Euro Sport showing his program, both live and on demand on the Euro Sport Player .

A general overview of the streams we have also put together.

Formula 1

Sky has extended its contract like last year to 1 year, and shows all the training, qualifications and race. The previews and reviews of the race will come from the Sky Sports News studio. In addition, Jacques Schulz, Marc Surer and Tanja Bauer on site.
There are besides, produced by the FOM "World Feed" three other perspectives:
- Sky Racer, a mixture of "World Feed", highlights, cockpit-channel and produced by sky-site program
- Sky Pitlane, an also produced by the FOM pits channel, apparently with additional pit radio
- Control sky, with time screen, and Trackmap
The World Feed Formula 1 is also seen via browser, iPad, iPhone, xBox 360 or even at skyGo.

RTL transmission will look similar to the already last year. That is, FP3, qualification race.
The Friday practice sessions will be according to the current information not on Freeview as Sport 1 gets out of the transmission.

Formula series

GP2 - sky
All races GP2 championship will be transfering live on Sky

GP3 - Euro (2)
The race of the GP3 are shown as last year already on Euro Sport (2) live or with delay.

Formula Renault 3.5 - Euro (2)
Also, the Formula Renault 3.5 there again or live to see Ace live on Euro Sport (2).

Auto GP World Series - Euro (2)
Euro Sports (2) transfers this year live all races of AutoGP.

F2 MotorsTV, Stream
The formula 2 there again this year live on MotorTV. In addition, there should be a formal stream on give.

F3 Euro - n-tv (?)
Until now there is no information on whether n-tv again this year the Formula 3 Euro Series transfers. However, one must hope, even after the transmitter has the formula shown 3 races in Macau in recent years. If n-tv up inside, the race will be streamed on their website.

European F3 Open - MotorsTV / stream (?)
All races, there are probably live or re-live on MotorsTV. In the past year we have the runs also in the stream under shown.

US Racing

NASCAR Sprint Cup - Motor Vision / ServusTV
11 races (Daytona Chase +) this year will be shown live on Motorvision. In addition, discussions on the show other selected races live. Of the remaining races there will be detailed summaries.
ServusTV always shows this year again the Sprint Cup as a summary Monday around 23 clock. In addition, it is planned to transfer some races live well, here it is probably just a night's race. Confirms that's not though.

NASCAR Nationwide Series - MotorsTV
MotorsTV plans this year all the races live or zuzeigen As-Live.

The IndyCar Series will not likely give it in 2012 on German television. The chances of a live stream are rather small.

Touring Cars

As usual. Euro Sport is host broadcaster and will show all races + qualifying Euro Sports and Eurosport 2 (live).

BTCC - itv4
The BTCC is shown again this year, including the complete Raceday on ITV4. There is also a legal stream, but is equipped with "Geoblock".

Not new.

GT1 / GT3 / GT Endurance - Stream
The SRO series will be like last year already fully broadcast on the Internet and then placed VoD. To what extent there is a transfer of the GT1 World Championship at Sport 1 (+), is not yet clear. However, nothing has been entered in the schedule of TV Sport 1, so you have to expect a non-transmission. The stream can be found on the homepage of the respective series.

ADAC GT - Cable 1
Despite weak audience Cable 1 continues to adhere to the ADAC GT Masters, the race will first get started at 12:15 only. Whether the frames races (like 2011) sent back via Internet stream, is still uncertain.

VLN - Sport 1 (summaries)
It will be seen excerpts from the race in different programs (DMAX, engine Vision, Sport 1), but not more. The 24H will run at Sport1.

Porsche Supercup - Sky / Euro2
Sky broadcasts the series also 2012. Should also be featured at Euro Sport (2).

Porsche Cup - Sport 1 (+)?
Sport 1 (+) is probably again show the race of the Porsche Carrera Cup. In addition, there should be a live stream.

Scirocco Cup - MotorsTV / Sport 1 (+)
Runs on MotorsTV. May also be seen on Sport 1 (+). Furthermore, VW had a hidden LiveStream offering that may be there again this year last year.

V8 Supercars - MotorsTV (1 week time lag) / Live Stream
MotorsTV. Bathhurst 1000 will be shown live, the rest with delay (1 day - 1 week). There is also a live stream under , in which some of the support races are seen.

Super Star Series - MotorsTV
The interesting and well-staffed Italy Serie running live on MotorsTV.

International GT Open - MotorsTV
The race of the South European Championship embossed there again on MotorsTV and with official livestream ( to see this year).

GT Sprint - MotorsTV
The race of the Sprint GT (goes along with the Superstars Series) there is again this year live on MotorsTV.

Ferrari Challenge Europe - MotorsTV
Live on MotorsTV


WEC - Euro 2
Euro Sports (2) transfers the race well this year. The extent to which races are broadcast not yet clear. In addition, there could be a live stream again.

LMS - MotorsTV
The LMS runs this year MotorsTV, also there will be a live stream. To what extent Radio Le Mans reported by race, is not fixed yet.

24 H Le Mans - Euro Sport
Also this year, it represents the full 24 hours ago in euro sport.

ALMS - MotorsTV
MotorsTV will again show the most races in the ALMS live this year. In addition, there is the race that you can not live shows As-Live. Also planned again: A good live stream on the website of the series with the comment of the guys from Radio Le Mans.

GrandAm - MotorsTV
The race of the GrandAm there this year MotorsTV fals speed also broadcasts live. Otherwise, there is the race with delay.


Super GT
The most interesting one is Super GT Unfortunately könnnen pursue possibly over a stream from the infinite edges of the internet this year.

Formula Nippon
Also, the Formula Nippon there will be probably not be seen in a legal way.


Turismo Carretera / TRV6 / TC2000
The highest Argentine racing class, there are 2012 via (apparently) official stream on . Also there is a live stream of silhouettes series TRV6 (under ). The quality of both streaming deals is, however, as they say, in the eye of the beholder. Probably the best touring car series in South America, the TC2000 is unfortunately will probably continue to provide no official stream.

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