There are three races that you have to win as a racing driver. The GP of Monte Carlo, the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24 H.

le-mans-audi1 So on Saturday it comes to the third crown of motorsport. And one that is probably the hardest to reach. For a 24 H Race is still a challenge, you just may not even meet with links. Certainly not today, because as with the 12 H in Sebring, the race in Le Mans is more like a sprint, because correspond to a long-distance race. Breaks, one should not allow minor technical defects sometimes not, and if you're unlucky, a clamping nut can certainly ensure that you will fall behind. 24 H long must work everything perfectly: the machine, the pilots, the mechanics. The strategists who have already ausgetüfelt everything can only watch and hope that they do not have to respond. It is an epic battle that is being fought as from Saturday, as much as you can say now.

For those in a hurry: here the links needed for the weekend:

The exact starting list is on the official website.
The live timing also.

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Overview page with timing and Twitter.

Twitter Accounts Le Mans:
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A stream available on the website of Euro Sport . However, costs 5 euros, but should provide a very good quality of the stream.

A very, very good live audio stream can be found at Radio Le Mans .

For this purpose, it is enough to look into last year, when Peugeot and Audi 24 H long delivered a fierce duel. The three Peugeot were incredibly fast in the qualification. The 13 km course we were circled in 3: 18.513 minutes, setting a new record. Since Audi could only look with the R10 behind. But the speed derm 908 had one drawback: they spent more. And so Audi was able to ride one lap longer, ran out on a rabbit / hedgehog race. So quickly the Peugeot were, they could, in purely mathematical, not win, so long Audi had no problems. At the end of the R10 won known with almost 3 minutes ahead. And after 24 hours.

And so will probably go off again this year. Only with the difference that Peugeot and Audi are even closer together than the last year was the case. The 12 H in Sebring have already given an idea of ​​what may come to the race fans on Saturday, for as the two rivals went temporarily in centimeters distance over consecutive hours ago. It is worthwhile to take a closer look LMP1:

The Audi R15:
audi-r15_2 When the first images of the R15 appeared in the winter, I just thought: "What's that?". And that will have probably thought some people. Because the trend of recent years went to yes rather in the direction that you made the car flat and tried to focus more in the middle. In particular, the heavy-duty diesel engines make the rear end a bit too hard. The R10 suffered under these unfavorable weight shift, so we expected a slightly more compact cars, but not one that looked as if they violate all the rules of aerodynamics. But the high Stirnffläche making the car even more look like a barn.
The trick to R15 is similar to the one you used last year's A4 in the DTM: It leads the air not expensive around the car, but through him. Because every time the air has to redirect to their natural way, will cost the force that usually reflected in the output. He is wanted but not always and everywhere. A large part of the air "needs" so you do not, so it's better if she does not even touches. And that's what we tried in the R15 is greater.
A new engine, the car also. Instead of a 12-cylinder diesel, there are now only 10, but has left the displacement at 5.5 liters. If there is a weakness in Audi this weekend, then this is the engine. Chassis side Sebring has survived, that should be enough for Le Mans then, but the engine is just newer than the used Peugeot. Of course, Audi will have tested the V10 like crazy, but how the loads are white in a race to be a matter higher than on the bench. It remains to be seen whether the decision to not even use the R15 for the two LMS runs that was rich preferential.

Busy the Audis are as follows:
# 1 Capello, Kristensen, McNish
# 2 Luhr, Rockenfeller, Werner
# 3 Bernhard, Dumas, Premat

The Peugeot 908
peugeot-908_5 The car is well known in the last year. But while Audi has built up under the new rules of the ACO his car from scratch, Peugeot had to adapt the car several times. Firstly, one has, such as Audi, a smaller air restrictor, on the other hand the rear wing instead of 2 meters is only 1.60 meters wide. At the same time Peugeot had the Kühlereinlässe change something and easily change the position. Because tended einzusammenlen much dirt. Hardly had done, grabbed the ACO Diesel Cars 30kg extra weight on, so you had something änderen again. That was not all that optimal.
The 908 runs with an enclosed cockpit. This is an advantage in terms of aerodynamics, but also has significant disadvantages. Firstly, a driver change takes longer, on the other hand, there is the rule in the LMS that the temperature inside the cockpit must not exceed 32 degrees Celsius. This means that you can carry around a hand air location, on the other hand, that the function must also be continuous. That did not work many times before in the past. And as this is just so so at Rennrn: one is glad to each moving part on that you can do without. The Achillisferse (n) are thus the cooler and the auxiliary equipment. It will be interesting how often must refuel the Peugeot. At Sebring, it looked more as if you are forced to refuel more often than the Audi, but I would want to wait and see in Le Mans.

Busy are the Peugeot with:

# 7 Klien, Lamy, Minassian
# 8 Bourdais, Montagny, Sarrazin
9 Brabham, Gene, Wurz

Hard to say who will have the edge at the end. From the bare data here, I would see Audi advantage. Not only because of the new chassis, but also because of the driver line.

The "old" cars:

In addition to the new trailer, the manufacturers have also brought branch teams to Le Mans. According to the motto: "You never know." As is known, the former Force India team manager, Colin Kolles, with two Audi R10 at the start. Busy with are the:

# 14 Karthikeyan, Lotterer, Zwolsman
# 15 Albers, Bakkerud, Mondini

Peugeot has grabbed a Pescarolo. In fact, the car is more of a secret unit carriage, because Pescarolo scored a brand new chassis. Busy is by:

# 17 Boullion, Pagenaud, Treluyer

The Lola-Aston Martin
aston-martin_1 Should not underestimate the Aston Martin factory-loaded. The petrol engines are not just good for a win, because they just a few seconds per lap missing. But the danger is always that the diesel mutually rushing to her death, and then the really beautiful Aston Martin would certainly be a contender for the win. Be used the car of Prodrive, who also adapted the chassis from Lola. And busy they are also good:

# 007 Charouz, Enge, Mücke
# 008 Davidson, Turner, Verstappen
# 009 Hall, Kox, primacy

The Oreca-Judd
Sure the Oreca not one of the fastest cars in the field, but in the battle for the unofficial "petrol" victory in Le Mans, we will provide you with the Aston Martin a good duel. The team's experience now in terms of Le Mans and is very very good drivers:

# 10 Senna, Ortelli, Monteiro
# 11 Panis, Lapierre, Ayari

The rest, the mitfährt in the LMP1, has no chance of winning.

In LMP2 it looks this year erstaulicherweise thin. For cost reasons, there are few participants, it lacks the Acura that were not invited. However, there is a new Mazda Lola (# 25, Erdos, Newton, Dyson) and a Porsche Spyder of Essex (# 31, Elgaard, Poulsen, Collard). Last year the LMP2 car died faster than you could watch. If I remember correctly, only two cars were at the end of the finish. That will not be different this year. Probably it was never easier than this year to come in the LMP2 podium.

In the GT 1 there is the farewell performance of the beautiful Corvette. It's the last race of the GT1 Brummer, then it will be, if ever compete with a CR6 in the GT2. Two Corvette come from the USA by GM, two other of Luc Alphand. One of Aston Martin and Lamborghini are probably just window dressing.

Closely it should be for the GT2. As usual, here is the starting point: Porsche to Ferrari. This year occur five to about ten Porsche Ferrari, which should make the victory for a Ferrari then finally possible. If not there because of the extremely steadfast and very fast GT3 RSR would not be having the Ferrari under control again.

Soon the teams that you should keep in mind:

# 70 Felbermayr Jr., Felbermayr sen., Lecourt
# 77 Lieb, Liez, Henzler
# 80 Neiman, Law, Bergmeister

# 78 Bruni, Perez, Russo
# 82 Melo, Salo, kaffir
# 89 Simonsen, Farnbacher, Montanari

Euro Sport will broadcast live the entire race. The broadcast times are as follows:

LIVE 08:30 clock 24 H Le Mans Warm Up Euro
LIVE 09:45 clock 24 H Le Mans Legend Race Euro
LIVE 14:30 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro
LIVE 15:30 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro 2
LIVE 19:00 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro
LIVE 20:30 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro 2
LIVE 22:30 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro
LIVE 11:00 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro 2
LIVE 13:15 clock 24 H Le Mans Le Mans Euro

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