Montreal is not only one of the interesting cities in the world, the track can be seen. Although the layout is rather simple, it produces every year a good race.

This will probably be no different this year, when the course of this season look at. Six races, six different winners in the World Cup and it is so competitive, has been for a long time. Slowly, the World Cup and for nervous thing, because every small mistake in qualifying and in the race may already be the end of the championship. Jenson Button can tell you a thing. The winner of Australia has three more or less miserable weekends behind. 43 points he gained in the first three races, even 2 in the last three. He can write off the championship in nearly unless he is to win a series. But McLaren does not give the impression that the team is capable of doing at the moment. But also in other Teams are problems.

Although Red Bull leads the team standings, but last week it suffered a small setback. The ominous holes in the underbody shortly before the tires were banned, although not directly by the FIA, but the technical Commission made it clear that these things do not conform to the spirit of the regulations. The team played down the significance of the holes, the air introduced to the diffuser, down, but quite unimportant air bypass was not. Craig Scarborough called in his explanatory article , although no figures, but says that parts of the air flow have been improved by up to 50%. This is not the entire output, but can decide in a Formula One, in thousandths over a pole, it will still make something.

In general, are not expected to be far ahead the Red Bull in Canada. It lacks the important top speed, even if the RB8 which makes up partially with good grip in the corners. But basically, Montreal is a stretch for a team with a good top speed and the missing content. Vettel and Webber are looking to collect important points.

At the front of the betting lists Mercedes to find that advertise for weeks that with Montreal, Valencia and Silverstone come three routes that should suit them. The still unique F / W-Duct system is expected to bring on the long straights lot. At least in the qualification, where you can use the DRS will. In the race, the advantage shrinks considerably. The FIA ​​has set up in this year only one DRS zone (Just before the final chicane) and also slightly shortened. Last year Überholorgie will therefore not take place, Mercedes will not even be in the race better off than other teams. In fact, however, the Germans could stand far ahead. The problem with the tire wear has well under control, the true top speed and fast corners there is not. A disadvantage still seems to have the design accelerations, which could possibly be a disadvantage in Montreal Mercedes.

McLaren is me at the moment a mystery. Where is the good performance going? Why were so many variations? One reason may many be many updates that you throw permanently on the car. New rear, new nose, new air deflectors on the side boxes - there is a lot of experimenting. Interestingly, bring updates but often less than you hoped, while other teams that have fewer new parts faster. Williams is one such example. It has often shown that less new parts on a car absolutely must not be a disadvantage, because the driver then better understand the car and align the vote more according to their wishes. A mediocre car is even with the top riders not faster, but a quick chassis can be ausreizen better. As to the form of McLaren in Montreal: I'm not sure. They were weak in Barcelona, ​​in Monaco it was not too strong. Perhaps the car brought lower temperatures.

"Dark Horse" at the weekend Lotus should be. In Monaco, the car did not fit that had previously been announced. In Montreal, the story is a bit different. I got me again looked at the times of Barcelona and saw that Raikkonen was in the first two sections, a good run. That might mean for Canada that you are well prepared. Lotus is also slow due when it comes to a victory, after having missed him twice more or less by strategy. Watching should also Romain Grosjean, even if he is the first betting candidate for "Wall of Champions" at the same time.

Ferrari I do not see as much in Montreal. Because the car generates downforce (at least so far) have to drive high wing, what the top speed harm. The extent to which it is significant you could see in Spain. Despite KERS and DRS Alonso Maldonado came close to not really. These are not good prospects for Canada, so I see them at the height of Red Bull. The Italians is already a step forward succeeded after all, and leads you to the World Cup. But really convincing the F2012 has not been.

Williams should have the fire damage from Barcelona replaced now. After the disappointing weekend in Monaco it looks Montreal better again. The car has a good top speed and doing well out of the tight corners. Could well be that Maldonado sneaks back into the top 5. A question mark there but in the form of the tires. Since Pirelli again mixes Soft / Super soft and comes up with the FW34 not exactly squeamish deal with the rubber, Williams could be forced to compromise in the vote.

At Sauber wants it, despite good test results, do not go quite ahead. As in the last race was also unlucky in, for example, as Grosjean in Spain Perez slashed the rear maturity, but somehow it never seems to fit so properly with Sauber. Either messed up one of the pilots, the qualification, or there are technical problems, or you will be involved in accidents. Sure - the starting position in midfield supports, but actually the Sauber should be able to ride ahead. In terms of top speed was clean at least so far often top of the class, so I guess times that at least one car will end up to 8th place.

Force India is not like Montreal. The car is a little slow, even if the tire wear is low. At high temperatures, this can be an advantage, in Canada it is the weekend but only about 25 degrees warm. For Toro Rosso applies like. The team has improved slightly, but usually occurs only on the strategy towards the top 10th

Caterham investigated further performance. After all, was quite close to the midfield in Monaco. With an almost sensational performance Kovalainen was able to keep behind and even reach P13 in the race Jenson Button. With this one has also held back the not unimportant 10th place in the team championship. But you miss but the performance leaps forward and looked at rapid rates, Caterham has not been good. The car produces too little output, is to have a nervous rear axle and the tire wear, it also looks not so hot.

Marussia other hand, hopes for the race in Montreal a lot. The collaboration with McLaren runs well now better to bring you the new and supposedly crucial parts of Canada. The route could be the car to and so you might experience a little surprise. (Although I am skeptical). HRT is, as always, stay up the rear.

The strategy will be interesting weekend again. Because of the fast startup and shutdown in the box it really is not worth putting on a one-stop strategy. The loss of time with degrading tires will be too great, especially with the super soft. The likely on the track not get quite as much, maybe half a second, but that's enough for the brief intervals of yes. Depending on how well you walk through the qualification, the choice of two sets super soft and a sentence should fall soft. Here then is true, however, the question of when to use his new sets of tires. It will start with a super soft, but then the question is whether to take or kept for the final sprint around a long stint with the means "soft" turn to these a second set of them. How Vettel has been shown in Monaco, which is quite a worthwhile alternative because it is flushed to the front in the long middle stint and has relatively free ride. If the field at the end but closely, the Super Soft better traction from the tight hairpins offer out for a few laps.

A role is also able to play the weather. On Friday thunderstorms are announced, on race day it could also give showers. This is something from Canada and rain has the Grand Prix still given a special touch.

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