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We're talking about Formula One and the wrong, or right strategic decisions in Monaco. The following is an extensive look at the Indy 500, including a look at the smoldering conflict behind the scenes. Then there are the NASCAR, Formula Nippon, the DTM and WTCC. In the end we talk in more detail about the Testday at Le Mans and the possible rule changes for 2014 that does not sound good.

Have fun with the current podcast and look forward to further criticism and wishes!

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Duration: about 122 minutes

0:00 F1
0:40 Indy 500 Preview & Detroit
1:08 NASCAR Charlotte & Dover
1:22 Formula Nippon
1:30 DTM
1:35 WTCC
1:43 Le Mans Testday

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1 Comment to "Racing Blog Podcast: Date of issue 31.05.2012"

  1. June 2, 2012 at 13:10


    View Podcast from 31.05.2012 and discussing Le Mans LMP1 regulations for 2014 as follows:

    Japanese manufacturers brake from high-tech European-5T petrol engine!

    Even in 2010 promised the ACO the most unusual engine designs (allow at the urging of Porsche). Porsche developed and built a proven 5T prototypes, which is likely to template for a 5-stroke racing engine for Le Mans 2014. Now, at the urging, possibly the Japanese manufacturers, only four-stroke engines allowed (see Sports car from June 2012), ie, the Porsche-5T were excluded. Porsche and Audi vote this Article 5.1.1. explicitly not to. It is also the first time that the Le Mans rules at all regulating the clock speed of the motors!

    More information at

    Why Porsche and the ACO allow this kind, the media should bring in experience!

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