In the closing stages very exciting Indy 500 has proved two things: The new car also works at The Oval. And Ganassi and Honda are back. [30.5 .: Update on TV ratings]

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Even apart from the great thrillers of the last ten laps the 96th Indy 500 was pretty good to look at: Numerous battles throughout the field (away from the two Lotus cars) was very close together. The slipstream battles reminiscent of the best times of the Handford device in the CART series, produced 35 leadership changes - these are the most it has ever been in an Indy 500. Unfortunately, accidents do also reminded a little of the time of the Hanford device. As in training, there were some turners at the output of the curves - which was still quite untypical with the old car. Above all, a terrible crash between Mike Conway and Will Power showed that Dallara has not been the problem of side contrasting cars all under control. On the racetrack reported to the hitherto rather frustrated Dario Franchitti (along with Honda and Ganassi) again vigorously back - even if he had to fend off in the closing stages of numerous attack attempts.

In the end it was a real thriller: Two late caution periods ensured a solid box shrink together, that in the final laps went on the hunt for the two leading Ganassi cars. First mixed Ed Carpenter from the end of the field, take the top 10 on, he turned from the web. In the following restart it was Tony Kanaan, who overtook the leaders in an amazing maneuvers - but also the Brazilian was captured again soon.

At the end of Takuma Sato tried was already long been amazingly well go the whole race, his luck - two laps to go he overtook Scott Dixon. In Turn 1 on the last lap he also tried to vorbeizupressen in a daring move to Franchitti - and turned on the white line in the direction of the wall. Sato criticized after the race that he was blocked by Franchitti, and been pushed too far inside. Franchitti (and the race director) saw the maneuvers of the Scots legitimate defense of his place - especially since he changed sides once, and Sato had also left a car width space.

From this interpretation of the new blocking rule may think what you want to - but after all, it prevents the often arbitrary seeming execution of the old regulation by the former race director Brain Barnhard.

Another interpretation of the IndyCar rules dagenen extremely debatable: the new, slower "Single File" -Restarts resulted too often in chaos. Although a composite shrink to field results in spectacular pictures. If suddenly four cars next to each other, but also provides the ability to at least as spectacular (and unfortunately very dangerous) accidents in the "pack" - exactly what wanted to avoid the series after the events of Las Vegas urgently.

The race has shown: Maybe it was Chevrolet with the protests against Honda's engine conversion but not so wrong as expected after qualifying. Were at the start of the road still ahead hardly any cars with the Japanese engines, it was at the finish 50% of the top 10. Without the late failure of Takuma Sato it would have been even six out of ten - and probably all three on the podium. Not only the pure performance plays a role but also the improved consumption of Honda generators. It will be interesting to see if the trend on the completely different stored route from Detroit to continue (see below).

The two Ganassi drivers would certainly be pleased. Dario Franchitti has clearly demonstrated with the third victory at the Indy 500, he now also comes with the new car to the edge - despite a spin in the box, after he was struck by EJ Viso impetuous. If it works again on lap courses will have at the weekend. Teammate Scott Dixon was previously come this season, something along better - the more it will annoy him that he lost out of all the most important race in 2012.

The big disappointment of the race was well - even in Indianapolis - Andretti (Autosport). Three out of five cars (ie all "regular" pilots) had the potential to challenge for the front. But Ryan Hunter-Reay fell victim to mechanical problems, and Marco Andretti lost his car into a spin. And before the lead fighting James Hinchcliffe came after a botched pitstop no longer on the sixth square. That he also presented itself massively disappointed after the race, but nevertheless shows how far 2011 has already brought in his short career IndyCar rookie of the year.

Outstanding speed showed two unrewarded heroes. First, the already mentioned Takuma Sato. Secondly, Ed Carpenter, who despite a broken front wing (!) Presented a long time as the fastest pilot in the top group. His race was after a spin in the closing stages of the race but de facto terminated early - Carpenter ended up with a lap behind rank 21st

Finally, it should be mentioned Rubens Barrichello, who finally arrived with his eleventh place in the very first oval race in the series. Barrichello himself called the Indy 500 as a learning experience - that he was still in the lead group to the target, and sometimes even rode along even further forward, what talent is still in F1 pensioners slumbers.

For the Lotus pilots race against it ran exactly as unpleasant as expected: Jean Alesi, who to become, presumably to avoid detection, was dressed in Indianapolis as stereotypical Frenchman, and Simona of Silvestro were due to lack of Speed's just a few laps after Start taken out of the race. As with the IndyCar commitment of the Anglo-Malaysian manufacturer now continues, written in the stars. The final position of the cold Dany Bahar former CEO this past weekend (and the series) but give the remaining teams little cause for hope.


At the top of the championship, the Indy 500 has changed little - no wonder, could still really convince the top three so far this season. The Sunday falling out Will Power (200 points) is still in the lead, closely followed (on points) Helio Castroneves and James Hinchcliffe (164). Scott Dixon follows as the best Honda rider in fourth place (153).

In the oval championship (unsurprisingly) leads Dario Franchitti (54), behind there is (thanks poles with 45 meters) Ryan Briscoe. Only then follow Scott Dixon (44) and Tony Kanaan (42).

Ratings & TV

The television ratings for the Indy 500 are compared with the last year or less stable, and amounted to a one-day value of 4.1. The slightly more accurate, but slower numbers of the "Final rating" are not currently known. Keep the known numbers, it is the second-lowest rates of all Indy 500 editions. . [Edit 30.5 As it turns out , the final rating was better this time than the overnight figures: 4.3. This is the best viewing figures since 2008. Nevertheless, in comparison with those from the beginning of the 2000s, there is still much room for improvement. For one might say with equal justification that it is the fourth worst odds of an Indy 500 -. only 2009 to 2011 were even worse]

By comparison, 2011, the overnight rating was still at 4.3, the Final rating (more firmly based on rural areas and small towns where the IndyCar is traditionally not as strong) was then 4.0.

At that time, however, was still a horde Danica Patrick fans in front of the telly - the small loss this year is therefore not quite as bad as the numbers sound.

Although ABC / ESPN could not solve the old problem of "almost verspassten Restarts" also in this Indy 500, but otherwise gave a flawless performance. But we are probably also benefited from the fact that was fought so lively at the top of the field - because with the later moving cars and pilots focused its attention once again barely.

Servus TV delivered at the IndyCar debut a clean presentation, which remained understandable for beginners. In some preliminary reports was acquired by ESPN / ABC, but also self-produced locally contributions were seen. During the anthem and the command was run at Servus TV Advertising - after all, but both were repeated immediately thereafter.

The same applies to any two among yellow graduated pit stop sequences - Purists may be bothered by it. Opportunity viewers (or those without a way to track the US television) but were well pleased with the reps.

About the most distribution channels, the original English soundtrack was offered bilingual. In German gave Andi Grobl an experienced and (mostly) well-informed performance as a commentator. The posted beside him expert Andreas Leberle convinced with some interesting insider stories, and also proved otherwise an excellent choice. The post-coverage then did not go very long. And when there had been coated with the regular race the announced time, which is understandable.

Short preview: Detroit

As modest audience figures from Indianapolis may be, for Detroit, they could give a boost to the series yet. Because, in the return to the Belle Isle circuit in the unfortunately somewhat ramshackle Motor City - as the weekend - again ABC TV transmissions take (race: Sun, 21:30 clock, Green shortly thereafter). This can not necessarily hoping for a great transmission, but immerhan that some viewers the opportunity to come up with the taste at the Indy 500 could activate it without a long search on the remote control.

Then they come on the road course in the north of the State of Michigan at their expense, however, is not said: The little narrow and angular street circuit in the past was not necessarily known to generate overtaking.

The 2007 edition will be remembered as that road race in memory in which Danica Patrick could bring in a second. They benefited from a collision of the championship contenders Scott Dixon (Ganassi) with Buddy Rice, in which also the second master candidate (and eventual winner) Dario Franchitti (then still Andretti) was involved few laps from the end of the race. Ugly accusations of Michael Andretti, who already wrecked Dixon was intentionally collides with Franchitti, then remained in the room are.

The 2008 issue is a controversial classic: The Leading Helio Castroneves was then involved in one of the first applications of the now again revised blocking rule when he allegedly prevented the runner-up Justin Wilson few laps to go on illegal overtaking. Race director Brain Barnhard spoke a word of power, Castroneves had to let Wilson, and was at the end stinksaurer second.

Since 2009, held no further IndyCar race at the track - especially in the wake of the great lay-offs and the automotive crisis in autumn 2008 a merry race in Detroit seemed neither affordable nor appropriate. Since the commitment of Chevrolet in the IndyCar Series is different again - especially as team owner Roger Penske also very committed to running there.

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