Great Days of Struggle for junior pilots and Marshals: In Monaco is the first time next GP2 and Formula Renault 3.5, the GP3 at the start. F2 and F3 Open drive, meanwhile, in the Eifel.

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Whether it was particularly clever, even to have in addition to the already spectacular GP2 the nearly 30-strong GP3 on the legendary course on the Cote D'Azur, will only show over the weekend - an increased burden on guardrails and marshals to be expected in any case. This is demonstrated by the unusual start times of some race: So the GP3 goes about her second run at only 18 clock. Besides the two "standard" series also starts nor the Formula Renault 3.5 in Monaco - due to lack of live broadcast but virtually unknown to the public. A similar fate threatens the race of F2 and F3 Open at the Nürburgring running partly coinciding with the Formula 1 and Indy 500.


After two abundant lukewarm race in Barcelona is the GP2 in Monaco back for more action to be expected - as with all Junior series on the narrow street circuit must be even hope that there will not be too much of it.

With two good points finishes in Barcelona GP2 veteran Davide Valsecchi is still pretty comfortable at the top of the table. And rightly so: Apart from a failure in Sepang and a fourth place in Spain, the Italian has landed this season in every race on the podium.

How important is experience in the series, also proves Luis Razia, who in GP2 is still in second place in the table after uneventful years in Spain, and has distinguished himself as a solid candidate for the top points.

First pilot without Monaco experience is rookie James Calado. From the British therefore perhaps no wonder things are to be expected. With street circuits but he seems to have no fundamental problems. His only victory in the GP3 season 2011 took place in Valencia after all.

A little pressure to perform, however, is Lotus / ART teammate Esteban Gutierrez, who has indeed been shown most clever and low-risk race, is in the table but already a full ten points behind his rookie teammate. His experience could help him on the narrow street circuit but.


The GP2 makes it relatively easy to her fans: As always run both races live on sky sports 1 and sky sports HD 1. Please note: Unlike usual, the main race will take place on Friday (10:25 clock) and the Sprint on Saturday ( 16:05 clock instead). Subscribers to the British variant of sky may additionally on a Transmission of free practice (Thursday, 11:55 am clock) (Edit: Oh, sorry already over.!) And qualifying (Thursday, 16:50 clock) are pleased.


A weekend of two halves offered the GP3 in Barcelona - at least you could have the impression that if you had the first race live with English commentary, and the second race then looked at Euro Sport. Race one seemed dynamic, exciting - and it did not seem difficult to distinguish between at least 26 pilots in the field. Race two looked disjointed and chaotic, and it was hard to keep only the first three positions in the head. In truth, the two races were probably very similar - the different impressions are likely to be due to the quality of the live commentary. This is all the more unfortunate because Euro Sport Men Norbert Ockenga has been proven in numerous sports car race that he actually can do a lot better.

And so back to the events at the track: There could show why he is one of the favorites this year despite moderate second half of the season 2011 at the first race of the New Zealander Mitch Evans. That behind the 2011 almost completely lackluster Filipinos Marlon Stockinger and the equally unsuspecting Finn Aaro Vainio landed, was a bit surprising - but the two also were not the first pilots who can show in a new series of her true talent only in its second season.

Race two then won Conor Daly, son of former Formula 1 driver Derek Daly, but it is compared to his dad for Ireland, but for the United States at the start, and there is considered to be hope for the future. A good placement for Daly was certainly deserves. Whether he would have won the race but also when the wegfahrende from the front row Tio Ellinas was not making any false start, must remain unexplained. Daly landed behind the Romanian Robert Visoiu and the Finn Matias Laine on the podium - as Stockinger and Vainio in the first race rather as a surprise candidate.

In the championship still leads despite tire problems and 20th place on Sunday Saturday winner Mitch Evans, lie behind Daly and Vainio. The significance of this table object is of course still very limited for a weekend - and particularly in Monaco can pretty much anyway at a junior series with 26 cars pass.


From the GP3 is in German television time unfortunately nothing to see TV partner Euro Sport has the series this weekend unfortunately not in the program. Contrast, full service also here sky UK: The safe chaotic qualifying (Fri, 7:35 clock), Race 1 (Fri, 12:25 pm clock) and Race 2 (Sat, 17:50 clock) are all broadcast live.

Renalt formula 3.5

Somewhat perplexed the author of these lines has left the first race weekend of the Formula Renault 3.5: stand firm seemed only two things: At least in Aragon could overtake the new car is not well with DRS. And Robin Frijns is likely to be a hot candidate for the title this season.

Problems, however, had yet the former GP2 and F1 test driver: Only Sam Bird was able to meet with a second place in Sunday's race the hopes placed in it to some extent.

Hopefully (but not to be expected because of the track characteristics necessarily) that the race in Monte Carlo provide a bit more clarity.


Sorry, there are no live broadcast this weekend from the Formula Renault 3.5: Euro Sport shows only a half-hour summary of the race on Sunday evening at 22:30 clock. There is probably no other alternatives. Only the Euro sports player could transfer to you. Unfortunately, I can do this but due to lack of access to this offer does not check. If anyone knows, please send me a short note in the comments Edit: Both races of the Formula Renault 3.5 are in Euro sports player. Times see comment of "haudi87" under this article. Thank you for the hint!

Formula 2

Under the category of "you could also check them out again" falls on me this year, the formula 2, which will be on the road next weekend at the Nürburgring.

So far I have not seen a race this year - and as for the runs in the Eifel, it makes the timing of F2 not easy to change this fact (see below).

Therefore, only a quick visualization of the Background: The Briton Luciano Bacheta has been winning all four races for themselves. This is something amazing because during his GP3 season last year, he could not really convince. Behind them are in the table three Swiss: Matheo Tuscher, Christopher Zanella and Alex Fontana. The German Markus Pommer rounds out the top 5.


The formula 2 is, as usual, broadcast live on Motors TV. There is also the official stream on A server overload is not to be feared: Race 1 (Sat, 13:30 clock) overlaps with the F1 qualifying in Monaco, Race 2 (Sun., 14:00 clock) even with the race of the premier class.

F3 Open

Somewhat complicated design in this season's F3 Open. This is not only due to the weather somewhat chaotic opening race in Potimao, but also the mode in which the series 2012 will be held.

In addition to the overall standings because there are still a "Copa F308 / 300," to participate in the pilot that the new Dallara F312 could not afford or did not want. So far, so normal - a "National Class", as in the British F3 there are just as elsewhere, and in 2011 had the F3 Open is already an "Copa F306 / 300".

The unusual at the F3 Open 2012: More than half of the field's "Copa 308" on the road, and some drivers from this series also draw in the top rankings of the "actual" F3 Open a. So took about the Italians Kevin Giovesi, leader of the "Copa F308" in Portimao two fifth places, and thus is also ranked 5th overall. The formula series requires so similar to sports car racing, because of the different classes a little extra attention.

At the top of the table is to Portimao to me otherwise, unfortunately unknown Swede Mans Grenhagen. Behind it is the Canadian Gianmarco Raimondo (if not particularly fast) familiar face from the F3 Euro Series. In the stands three and four are currently the Mexican Juan Carlos Sistos (last year fourth in the F3 Open) and the known from the AutoGP Argentine Facundo Regalia.


For the first time, the race of the F3 Open (such as also those of the GT Open) broadcast live on German television: Probably because the German venue could win sports 1+ as a partner. Race 1 runs there on Saturday at 16:00 clock, Race 2 on Sunday at 11:30 clock.

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