173 of 267 possible guide to bag rounds may be too little to win a race! This experience had on Sunday Martin Truex Jr make and beaten Denny Hamlin, who in the final of the STP 400 simply had the better cards. The question of why will be answered in this article.

In the best Monty Python-style "we are now [but first] for something completely different" sometimes you are convinced that we have already seen all the quirks of the Americans or at least know. It then tends to think that one side of the pond could surprise nothing anyway. Ever since yesterday, this assumption is wrong! The majority of readers will probably have noticed already surprised the accompanying picture, including tanks, on the - Brad Keselowski was enthroned - at this time. Extremely bizarre one might think, but it gets even better, because I pressed on Sunday just before the start of the race the right key at the right time and the following screen shot:

Jeff Hammond, who apparently gets lately FOX kilometers money at every race all the way to expire, so brought the first candidate for the picture of 2012 at this point in the game. After they had withdrawn Hammond in favor of Michael Waltrip from the Hollywood Hotel, got here in the chat often called "Mr. Anabolic steroids "titled Moderator now the opportunity to partially make in the field arg to the monkey. How do I find his performances often seem unintentionally funny, which he was able to provide many interesting scenes in this season, including during his visit in the truck routes Repair Department. His fan base will certainly be hardly less above the tank photo!

Why am I telling you about? Because FOX so that the scene of the race delivered before the race had even begun and which was as expected then also extremely viscous - a little variety should therefore be quite welcome. In Kansas showed namely early rather a familiar image from Fontana, for only ten rounds after tilting the green flag and the sparse Restarts ensured proper racing action in the field.

The low Banking and the wide range made throughout the day, however, countless driving lines possible, so that the flow of the race went over each quickly in the gum-mode. So right now I can not explain why the Intermediate-Oval to get a progressive curve superelevation, because the line up along the wall, but was at least as fast as the bottom groove. We just hope that now embarked solution variant with an additional general increase of banking of 15 ° to 17 ° at least the right turns at the end as.

The race itself is then summarized quickly: The first 44 laps certain the pole sitter AJ Allmendinger, until he was forced to retire with a problem with the throttle cable during the first series of green-flag pit stops from the leading group and was in the end only 32 . Thankfully, took over once a Sunday Martin Truex Jr auffahrender very strong leadership. This he should pit stop adjusted well to the final phase for the time being no longer give. Jimmie Johnson tried though shortly after racing half of Truex, but he did not succeed in spite of some of effort on his part to take the lead, because the Clean Air proved in Kansas as extremely advantageous.

The third and final Caution 80 laps before the end of the race saw then for the first time properly excitement, because not all drivers went for new tires and fuel on the pits, because they had only 10 rounds previously controlled the Pitcrews under green. One of the Taker was in this case so far only Truex challenger Jimmie Johnson, which he catapulted himself back outside the top 10. The new tires proved to be true as clear faster, but had to Johnson the residue made up to the top, the race was over. More than a third could not retract the duration masters.

The decision to come to the pits, but was correct, because by normal means during the race was not on Truex 'leadership shake - you had to take a chance with the team with the # 48. Maybe there was hope for an extension or at least late caution periods, in which you then also the last pit stop could be completed. But since it was green and not looked after Cautions, then all outlier teams decided to abandon the alternative strategy again at the beginning of the last fuel window. A sprint for about 40 laps at race pace was thus the result.

While Johnson so his run lay down according to the experiment, the final caution period up to # 3, Denny Hamlin took over the Truex persecution because they had decided in the # 11 Joe Gibbs Racing as well as the front runner against a pit stop in the course of Caution. Immediately after the final pit stops then Hamlin Truex could snatch the lead and fight back in the final rounds against more desperate dive-bomb tests of Truex.

Three reasons I have identified as critical to Hamlin's victory on Sunday: Martin Truex Jr reported after the race from the fact that he probably unlike his first stint got no optimal set of tires for the final. In addition came just after the final pit stops under green flag the sun briefly out, making the grip level dropped yet clear. Truex got oversteer, while Hamlin's Toyota suddenly was good and so mutated in the field to the best car. Added to this was that the master-crew chief Darian Grubb, the # 11 then took a round before the # 56 to the box, which Denny Hamlin could make early with fresh tire pressure. Truex 'tires were indeed at the end yet competitive, but the leader was quasi long since surpassed.

For Hendrick Motorsports a good team performance jumped despite again missed 200th Sprint Cup victory out, because in addition to Johnson could also Dale Earnhardt Jr (7) and Kasey Kahne (8) take in the Top10. Jeff Gordon (21) dragged on, however with engine problems and only seven cylinders over the distance, was so not the only pilot with hustendem aggregate., because the Toyota engines from Mark Martin (33) and Clint Bowyer (36th) made ​​a dash better results by the bill. Apart from these adversities, the Japanese manufacturer presented but much better than expected and could even retract by Hamlin the first success for Toyota in Kansas at all.

Seats 4 (Matt Kenseth), 5 (Greg Biffle) and 9 (Carl Edwards) for the team of Roush Fenway Racing but underscored at least my guess regarding the strength of the Fords, even if the victory then ultimately did not go about this brand. Also very consistent operated again Kevin Harvick (6) on his one-man campaign for Richard Childress Racing, while Kyle Busch (10th) completed the top 10 and Brad Keselowski (11) and Tony Stewart (13) just disappointing landed outside. Juan Pablo Montoya (12) and Jamie McMurray (14) showed in Kansas, which is currently on a good day for Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing maximum inside.

For the current status in the league I ask all readers to click through on the links at the end of the article, because I have exceeded my driving time here again massively. Instead, follows at this point briefly to what the missing yellow phases:

There were only three Cautions, the last of which as crucial could have turn out. This season falls on in general, that the number of caution periods is currently understood in the strong decline. One might even think that would Cautions in the USA an endangered species after the IndyCar Series puts more on local Yellows since this year. Counting the last four races at Martinsville, Fontana, Texas and Kansas times look, in retrospect, the dynamics of the race in NASCAR, however, has not been good.

Certainly, like the causes be it to find that the current peloton damn closely located within the Top35 in terms of performance. The result lists of the aforementioned race can be easily divided with a highlighter in distinctly separate areas of different performance limits. Moreover, rides were generally rather rare in the wall and accidents, because apart from the Clint Bowyer-situation in Martinsville are in the last month not much more than a little wall-wiper been the norm.

So far, the new EFI systems have curiously, allowing for more engine problems on less caution periods and I also would have never thought that I would miss the mystery Cautions for Debris times. However, I am sure that the problem will come right by itself again, if now follow with Richmond, Darlington and Talladega again more interesting tracks on the calendar. Offer the latest in the new year then also the revised cup silhouettes again potential for change, both in positive and in a negative sense.

The total official results can be including additional statistics looked again at Jayski.com here . At the end as usual follows the overview of the scores, the drivers and the Owner-rating (Note: All PDF-files).

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