Two teams and two driver combinations can still become champions on the scenic railway at Potrero de los Funes - but just as exciting is the question of the future of GT (1) -WM ...

Full optimally planning the calendar of the GT1-organizers is not: are two months between the penultimate race weekend in China and the season finale in Argentina - so long silences are not good to keep the series in the memory of the audience. Slightly more organizational skills Stephane Ratel has to prove if it in 2012 to give a GT World Championship - his improvised change of course in recent months to keep up with those of the great policy in the euro-crisis all, and also the goal is the same: do everything to meet the needs of the market to make it next year yet somehow continues.

Given later, because after all it is in the heart of Argentina also to elect a master. At first glance it is a duel between Young Driver-Aston Martin and JR Motorsports Nissan. The starting position is, however, so that in the end everyone could at least go halfway home happy: in the drivers' standings are Lucas Luhr and Michael Krumm (JR Motorsports) eleven points ahead of Darren Turner and Stephan mosquito (Young Driver) in the team standings, each team score points for both vehicles, the German Young Driver AMR-team nose at eight counter front.

The requirement for two exciting races would be given purely mathematical - but the GT1 World Championship is just one of a series in which success ballast is used and that will make two championship contenders life difficult. 55 extra kilos must mosquito and Turner after the victory in Beijing tow around the course, there are 30kg for Krumm and Luhr. The Team colleagues are also well loaded: Enge / Müller (Young Driver) with 30kg, Westbrook / Dumbreck (JR Motorsports) with 15kg.

The championship decision is therefore not likely to fall at the top of the field, but on the points behind it: which of the two teams, despite the additional weight more points to go home? Except Maxime Martin / Yann Clairay whose MarcVDS Ford GT is also loaded with 35kg, all other competitors are free of such restrictions.

A small, computational Championship chance also have Basseng and Winkelhock in the Lamborghini, which have eased somewhat unfortunately in the second half of the season, as well as the High needle / Piccini for Hexis AMR: win one of the two duos both race and get Luhr / Krumm maximum of two points, the title could go surprisingly to Germany or France. One also rather small chance of Hexis Aston Martin still on the team standings: as per team here are two cars in the game, and all four competition cars as states are loaded with success ballast, could here quite yet a turn in favor of the French be possible who have always been impressed in the season with fast pit stops.

Enough medium and fast corners, the 2008 revived all the way around the crater, so that the weight could play a decisive role. As a reference, be called the race last year: then the Young Driver duo Turner / Enge in Interlagos had cleared. With the resulting ballast they managed at the season finale not even into the second qualifying segment, representing 10 and 15 resulted in the race in places, while Hexis AMR won both races. For the French Aston Martin team, the odds are really not bad ...

The line character described arises from the fact that the course consists mainly of country roads that lead around the lake, a real old-school track so: the scenery is beautiful, the height differences in size and the walls close, created even if good sized run-off areas were to allow FIA run there. In two places, unfortunately, had to be installed chicanes, but ruin your day at the track just a little. Overtaking on such routes but unfortunately not the easiest exercise, but it is possible for GT cars anyway.

So the DBR9 goes well on said fast track, the jaunty curves are the getting on in years British sports car, for it will be the last race. Thus ends an era: 2005 won the DBR9 developed by Prodrive / Aston Martin Racing at its debut race, the 12 Hours of Sebring. This was followed by Le Mans victories in 2007 and 2008 as well as various team and drivers' title in LM (E) S and FIA GT. In 2010 could reach third place in the GT1 class at the Young Driver guest start in Le Mans.

The competition (or at least one of the two) would in any case a nice ending for the service of this model. But Nissan would have deserved all this, because the GT-R has proven itself as a good GT car, and also the GT3 version will be shown in the next few years at the helm of various series. A true comparison of the car is due balance of performance, of course, nonsense.

The BoP was largely stable over the course of 2011, no changes have been made to it since May: after a half season, the officials were satisfied with the performance levels. This has significantly enhanced when one remembers in comparison to the squabbles for the start of the 2010 season, as Nissan still threatened with getting the 2011 season.

Next year could again be problematic in terms of the BoP. For then will be at the start as this season definitely not the same six vehicles. Who will however be exactly at the start, is still unclear. It was announced in the summer should be and old GT2 GT3 cars and the numerous models start right next to the current GT1 cars from Nissan, Ford and Lamborghini with an upgrade kit. It is reported a number of teams in time for Ratels deadline, with another one is in talks: 20 vehicles from ten manufacturers, that was the goal.

But as this number apparently did not let muster, Ratel changed the concept: now the successful GT3 regulations should be the basis for the World Cup, with some minor modifications and a transitional regime for the GT1 cars from Nissan, Ford and Lamborghini, which MarcVDS and their satellite-team Belgian Racing off anyway in order to focus on the Blancpain Endurance Series.

But the abrupt exit-MarcVDS also falsified his final thesis, private teams are more reliable than factory teams, which is why he excluded the latter always for his series. But at the end of the privateers economic constraints are of course also subject like the big corporations: not worth a series of cost-benefit factor here, the exit is the result. There were nonsensical restrictions like the one that forced four vehicles of any sort would have to be at the start, or in 2012, two per model.

The "final" ultimatum for enrollments ran until the end of October - the fan base should thus may expect that Ratel announced during the season finale, as it is now 2012 in terms of "World Cup" continues.

Either way, the last two races this short GT1 era, should weekend sports car fans and those who want to be there, definitely look at: the cars are great, the route well and the championship battle is probably because of the weight for exciting fights provide in midfield, while arguing in front of other teams to win. And, who knows, maybe Hexis AMR manages the miracle, still turn in the title fight actually ...

The two races will be very europe-ready times on Saturday and Sunday at 17:45 clock and place are to be seen in the Live Stream on Sport 1 is only partially live performances, the times are given to the TV schedule.

At the end are some pictures from the show event at the Olympic facilities in Beijing:

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