Half of all races this year are over and it's worth a look at the teams to throw and was like their season so far.

11 races are over, 8 more will follow, where there will be only two in Europe (Spa and Monza). The remaining races are held mainly in Asia (Singapore, Japan, Korea, India) which will be a particular challenge for the teams. For because of the longer arrival and departure is to bring heavy updates to the car. The time spent racing chassis in the factory, is shorter, besides that, you will have ready several new aero parts because of the very different paths. Another reason is difficult Updates, is simply the money. If you want to update the 2011 model further or maybe more the 12er model? You see - who makes mistakes in the preparation and in the first half of the season, the punishment is bitter. And have made mistakes many teams.

1. Red Bull
At first glance, Red Bull has done everything right. One has the chassis with the best output that comes with all tires handle, you have a flawless Sebastian Vettel and the technique does not make you tired. However, the success of the RB7 is also based on the weakness of the other teams. So Red Bull has further problems with the KERS, at times you could not use it. Fortunately we had with the mapping rules. The idea of ​​the FIA ​​to reduce the overrun of 10% would have the Renault engine not well done. It went a lot this year for Red Bull, who have worked hard to maintain last year's projection and improve. Also Vettel is more relaxed this year on the road, but is more able to be aggressive on the road if need be. Mark Webber is, however, a disappointment this year. About the reasons why he is so far behind Vettel fallen back, there are two rumors. One side calls the Pirelli tires. Another characteristic of the RB7, which should not be the Australian But - despite all Red Bull and Vettel the title can enter a second time this year.

2. McLaren
When they introduced the McLaren MP4-26, I already thought that there are only two variants are precipitated with such a concept: a flop with start-up or develops after the first teething a real winner. McLaren has met with a lot this year. During winter testing the car was virtually impassable as Button and Hamilton confirmed clear. Only the reconstruction of the subsoil, the exhaust system, the cooling of the diffuser and then led to the desired results. Nevertheless, the McLaren, as well as the Ferrari, a grab bag. In addition, the car handles too hard on the rear tires, which does not always easy strategy for the team. The world title might be gone, but the interesting thing here is the question whether McLaren will hold over the winter to the L-shaped side pods.
Hamilton has a mixed season this year. His frustration with the poor start to the season you could tell him much and he disgraced himself clearly on the line. Since it goes up, and Hamilton is again satisfied. Jenson Button fared no better, but he delivered perfectly brilliant race from. Unfortunately, he had two "noughties", which made its slim chances of winning the world title dashed.

3. Ferrari
The third consecutive year Ferrari started miserably in the season. Last year we won the first race at least not this year had to wait until the race in England. The problems at Ferrari are varied. Since the strange problem was with the wind tunnel, which had improved to 60% models, but the supplied values ​​does not fit well with the CFD models. Secondly, the basic problem that we are addressing the matter too conservative. It has responded and development department rebuilt. The unsuccessful Aldo Costa had to go, Pat Fry took over complete control in terms of chassis and aerodynamics. The Ferrari despite the reshuffle could be successful, then quite a surprise and speaks for the team. But the season of course you can check off.
Alonso has shown several times this year, what he can. Even with a bad F150 was often a danger and since Europe GP he has always stood on the podium. Massa, however, is not in a good mood, he has not been run in this year only 70 points, while Alonso has 145 points. The Ferrari 2012 will not exchange it probably only has something to do with the fact that you can not find a viable replacement.

4. Mercedes
As you might have expected more. So easy you can summarize the season of Mercedes. Ross Brawn is the MGP02 again a rather middling draft only succeeded besides that, obviously small budget allows little improvement. At least from the outside makes the Mercedes the impression that he would not change much. One can cite a long list of reasons why the car is not running (long wheelbase, poor cooling, poor diffuser, a lack of grip in front), but in the end agrees not stop the entire package. As a glimmer of hope but you also have to say that it is, the team managed to reduce the gap to the front during the season clearly. There were times 2 seconds in the last races were still around 1.3 seconds. When one considers that the other has become even faster, which is a good result.
The drivers were both pale. Schumacher had bright spots but still more low points, Nico Rosberg could not really convince me so far, but that may be due to the chassis. Overall, the team unfortunately does not make the impression that one could make 2011 a decisive step forward.

5. Renault
Renault also has what pretty devised with the laid-front exhaust, but the season was actually with the accident of Kubica over. They had the Pole tailored to R27 on the body, and when he was gone, we had the salad. In addition to that the idea to blow the entire underbody, in reality does not really sufficient. We experimented with a "normal" exhaust, but the design of the car does not fit. Internally, there were also a lot of trouble, because a lot of people from the development have gone in the last 12 months. Eric Boullier has an idiosyncratic style of leadership, how to listen so. The obligation of Nick Heidfeld was the right decision, but the German is not really convincing. His qualifying weakness in today's F1 not nice a serious disadvantage and the defeats against Petrov. The Russians in turn drives an amazingly stable season, but I'm sure - Kubica would sit in the car, saw the matter differently. Renault will spend the second half of the season trying out many new parts for 2012 and driver. Grosjean is considered to be one that could even replace Heidfeld this year.

6. Clean
The sixth place in the Constructors' Championship is probably the best thing the Swiss can achieve. The top 3 are not going to get one step better and Renault Mercedes quite achievable in some races. And yet, I'm a bit disappointed. After driving Sauber Ferrari with the complete powertrain (engine, transmission, KERS) and James Key you got one of those designers, one of the best of his generation. This one has with Kamui Kobayashi and amazingly fast Perez a good team of drivers. But this year's Sauber not going so well, it lacks especially the hot-blown diffuser, which can not be built after the FIA ​​wanted to ban it first. So will you try to bring to an end and the sixth place inside the season with style, were it not for the aspiring Force India team.
Kamui Kobayashi was great fun again this year and I would have liked to have seen him in 2012 in a top team, but there's no room. 2013 could be different if he was still somewhat reduced its error rate. Sergio Perez is one of the surprises this year. Even though he can not always keep up with Kobayashi, as an interesting talent in gestation.

7. Force India
The Indians supply from a mixed season, but we must not forget that they are not really equipped with a rich budget. Even Vijay Mallya has in the last 18 months, the entire development team must rebuild, therefore, the good and easier to becoming a slight surprise. But this has to do with the drivers who are facing some weaknesses at the beginning of the year, a strong performance. Sutil has arrived finally back on its normal level after an ugly start, Paul di Resta supplies for his first season very good results from and is probably on the long list of some team leaders. The problem with Force India is just that they run out of resources towards the end of the year, because it works on the new car. But still they certainly have a chance Sauber trap, but that's really only very narrow.

8. Toro Rosso
The B-Team Red Bull is indeed in terms of design on their own feet, but depends more on a drip of Red Bull. And really good it really is not running this year. Your first draft of an F1 chassis has promising approaches, but more they do not. Normally, you should be traveling at the level of Force India, which will also work in the race. But in the qualification but it is a good piece back. The points you have been able to bring about the strategy and clean driving style of the pilot.
Where neither Sebastian Buemi could still Jamie Alguersuari really convince me yet. Buemi is the better man in qualifying and in the race often looks better. But the differences in the race are rather marginal. Clear this may be that one will have to go in winter. Maybe both, if you alongside Daniel Ricciardo is another man finds.

9. Williams
Certainly the disappointment of the year. The FW33, the concept looks interesting on paper, is a total flop. And a flop of such proportions that one wonders why no one noticed before. Patrick Head, Adam Parr and Frank Williams who then made the only correct and fast conclusions drawn. Sam Michael and much of the development had to go, one has brought with Mike Coughlin a quite interesting man who is able to build a very fast and reliable car. Also, the deal with Renault Williams brings in the right direction, even if the Cosworth is obviously not as bad as its reputation. The drivers can say little. Barrichello does his job, but looks listless, Maldonado surprised every now and again with a good, but then sags in the race. The 4 points, Williams (last year at the time there were 40), actually say it all.

10. Lotus
For me, the second disappointment of the year. It was clear that no trees would be able to pull in the second year, but basically, the distance is still true front become smaller, but not so far that you could keep at least with Williams. This Lotus has taken a lot of money in the hand, including the Renault engines. It is striking that both cars very fail with technical problems, the Kovalainen were at least 5 failures and thus he is this year the leader on this list. Since there is obviously quality problems in our own factory, because the Renault engine's stable in other teams. However - Lotus missing the "hot blown diffuser" KERS and when that comes, you can be reached may be able Q2.
Trulli and Kovalainen to little can be said. The Finn made a better impression in this year, but the better race results has Trulli. Tony Fernandes has indicated that one could possibly keep Trulli. If I had to give him advice, I would look at me to get someone like Hulkenberg the team.

11. HRT
Yes, in the standings, HRT again for Virgin, because Liuzzi once had retracted a good result. What can I say - the miracle is actually that the team is still moving, what you have to thank Colin Kolles, who prepared the car in his company near Ingolstadt. Spanish was only the owner, but who has changed on the team. With the investment company comes money, but in the current difficult economic situation because you have to be careful. That HRT does not get anywhere is also the old, hardly changed Dallara chassis, which next year will probably finally replaced. In terms of drivers - Luizzi does its job, Karthikeyan was not on and his successor, Daniel Ricciardo has not convinced yet, but which one must certainly be some time.

12. Virgin
The British are at the end of the special, which probably does not correspond to their actual performance in whole. Virgin has also revamped the technical department. Nick Wirth is out (even if you have bought the F1 Division of Wirth) and from 2012 to working closely with McLaren, which will certainly bring something to the team. But this year, you can check off. It is interesting that you have Timo Glock extended for another three years, but openly speaks that D'Ambrosio is probably 2012 will not continue. You obviously looking for a driver from the midfield. That could be a former Toro Rosso man be, but also the various reserve driver is one to watch.

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