Light and shadow in the formula race: Varied Runs in GP3, but a serious crash and some chaos in GP2. And in the Superleague Formula at ringside there was as always good duels - but she probably seen live again almost no one.

To beginenn with the positives: The majority of formula race last weekend was more exciting than I thought. Especially the GP3 delivered to the otherwise lifeless street circuit in Valencia two quite respectable runs. The race of the Super League at the Nürburgring were again quite worth seeing. Less good: The stands not very many people were out Friends & Family probably encountered. Most particularly ugly: Josef Kral crash in the sprint race of the GP2. Similar to Mark Webber a few hours later, the Czech took off after a collision, and landed hard into the guard rails. Unlike Webber Kral but could not free themselves from the car. The latest news on his condition but enjoyable - he was released from the hospital last night, and think again about the next race.

The big winner of the weekend was once again the old Pastor Maldonado. A well-deserved victory in the chaotic feature race and a fourth place finish in the sprint ensured that the Venezoelaner his championship lead was further expanded. Finally a passable weekend has caught Jules Bianchi. At least in the first race. Since it was enough time for a second place - the failure in the Sprint did not speak again for extra stability. For Christian Vietoris, it was another weekend to forget: A twelfth place and a failure to the demands of young Germans hardly suffice.

A chance to improve all parties in two weeks as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.


In the GP3 so slowly the top pilots seem to crystallize out. While it is still too early to tell who does not belong - but one thing is quite clear then: Esteban Gutierrez, Robert Wickens, Nigel Melker, Alexander Rossi and the Indonesians Ryo Haryanto are probably one of the faster drivers in the junior-junior series.

Gutierrez could with a victory in Saturday's race set again demonstrated on Sunday it was enough but this time only for rank 7 The clear championship lead, the Mexicans but keep anyway. His pursuers Robert Wickens had a similar weekend again Table Leader: Place two on Saturday was extremely neat, his Rambo-vision of Sunday but not fathered by the maturity one might expect him. But at least he was on Sunday fast. This can be said for the third championship Alexander Rossi not necessarily. But you can not claim the opposite. The only thing you can really beahaupten: Rossi retired in both races from too early to judge its speed can.

Impress could however Roberto Mehri: The Spaniard, currently only third in the F3 Euro Series, exhibited at this year's probably the only race in the GP3 flawless performance and drove on both days on the podium. So much - even here in the blog - the F3 Euro Series was recently ridiculed: Mehri result speaks very much for the high quality of their drivers.


So I the SLF That a great series with faulty concept think I've already said several times. That they unfortunately hardly fans to the track brings. Therefore equal to the race: Since this time could show off in race one of the otherwise always reliable but not getting extra-fast Yelmer Buurman - in race two, it was enough for the Dutch in the AC Milan car then again for seventh place. Given the complete reverse grid not a bad performance.

A great weekend had less Meisterschagfsführer Craig Dolby in Tottenham Hotspur Cart: In race one he brought the package is not really to work. Race two was then somewhat better - but overall it was enough yet for the first time this year, not for the entry into the super final. The only rider is allowed to keep his perfect record still is thus Max Wissel. Although the German in SLF field also managed intoxicating placements in the race, but was nevertheless back again in the Super Final.

It is amazing how difficult it is to be the former Formula 1 driver in the SLF do: Sebastian Bourdais at least could still win races in this championship last season. At the Nürburgring, it was enough time for the courts 14 and 17, in the Meitschaft his team Olympique Lyonnais is only on the penultimate rank. This one has nevertheless still beaten PSV Eindhofen with Narain Karthikeyan, who is even only 18 and thus last.

The positive surprise of the race was against María de Villota. The daughter of former F1 driver Emilio de Villota-has been rather a bit ridiculed - with their dangerous maneuvers a week ago in Jarama she has certainly done no favors. In the second race at the Nürburgring, the Spaniard delivered now but an impeccable presentation and landed in fourth place. Safe: That she stood in the reverse grid to third place, the result has probably made it all possible. But, as Marc Surer always says so right, "you have the time also first go". And de Villota drove throughout the race pretty good times, so that it was even faster end of the race, as the lurking behind her championship leader Craig Dolby.

The SLF is now making first a brief summer break and is in two and a half weeks with the race in Zolder back.

F3 Euro Series

The "best junior series in the world" coming weekend one of the races, which I'm still really looking forward to. The race at the Norisring is indeed increasingly anachronisisch and the track is not completely harmless - but the slipstream battles still make powerful mood. How much will it be to see them again this year, is unclear. That depends mainly on whether the organizers manage to raise at least for this prestigious race some more cars than the twelve to 13 cars, which usually previously had the start.

After all, Valencia surprise Kevin Magnussen has been awarded 15 of the starting number. What might indicate that it in the next races often times looks - then get pure guest starter otherwise numbers on 30th

Exciting from a sporting point of view is the perfect weekend especially the question whether Marco Wittmann or Valencia Surprise Roberto Mehro able to catch up on the currently superior Championship leader Eduardo Mortara.

Be transferred in the two races - as always - live on n-tv. And on Saturday and Sunday at 11:20 clock.


How time flies: Already two-thirds of whbn season will be this coming weekend pass after the race in Budapest. What to expect from the route (boredom) or not expected (overtaking) can probably be well known indeed. Therefore equal to the sporting situation: In the championship still leads the Russian Mikhail Aleshin with 75 points before the higher assessed Daniel Ricciardo (66) and Esteban Guerrieri (58), which may have missed the race in Monaco, but since then toll road was . In Hungary he is probably also there again.

The other celebrities, it has not fared so great: Red Bull tester Brendon Hartley is only in seventh place, the only German-language field, Walter Grubmüller, jun. from Austria only on position 13 Greg Mansell is even only 16th

To see the races are once again live on euro sport, and indeed on Saturday at 12:45 clock on ESP Intl. and on Sunday at 13:00 clock on ESP second


The Formula 2 is this coming weekend at the start. And finally back on a track that I can agree wholeheartedly. As part of the WTCC you go this time namely on the roller coaster of Portimão, where you will be doubtful to see some nice duels of young talents.

In the Meitschaft be Jolyon Palmer (139 points) and Dean Stoneman (131) have dropped a bit from the third Philipp Eng (80) - it will be interesting to see whether this success over the two young Britons continue, or whether Eng still in can engage the race for the title with.

Both races there at each clock 14:00 live on euro sport, race one on ESP International, running on two ESP second

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