At the weekend so once again the GP of Germany. Because of the agreed rotation between the Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring, this year is the distance in the Baden turn. The first race in Hockenheim without Michael Schumacher, so I'm curious to see how busy it will be. Because even the German drivers are so far removed from the success that has made Schumacher.

The route is known to be yes a few years ago was rebuilt by Tielke. At first I liked the track at all, now has been shown that the price is certainly right. The mix of long straights, the passage at the Mercedes grandstand and the classic motodrome is not a bad thing because it calls for a lot of the car. The curves have become properly, as it gives some (Turn 1 and 2, for example) are not easy to drive. You can overtake on the track also quite good, especially of course because of the hairpin. It gets really interesting, however, when it rains, but so can this weekend probably not likely, even if the Wettervorhsage indicates a few drops.

As every weekend at the moment, it is difficult to say which team the route is better. McLaren-Mercedes was doing very well in the tests last week, but you never know just if Ferrari has not gepockert. It is certain that Lewis Hamilton will come after the magnificent victory in England with a new self-confidence to Germany. Such a thing can already bring a one or two tenths. Equally exciting, the question will be whether Nick Heidfeld to confirm its trend forward. There is some unrest in the BMW team because Robert Kubica will probably courted by Renault and / or Honda. He has not yet determined whether he will walk again in 2009 for the German / Swiss troops at the start. These gadgets are indeed normal, are not so welcome in a team though.

The midfield is more crowded and I did not stand a gleam, who since the moment has the edge. Renault was in England forward, Toyota was better for it in France. Red Bull at Silverstone itself in the foot, but have caught up in any case. And then there's Torro Rosso and Williams, the fight for the connection. Closely it is in any case and Q2 the most exciting thing is once again at the weekend.

In addition to the F1 GP2 and Porsche Supercup is on the way. In the GP2 it been going slowly towards the championship. Still Giorgio Pantano leads with 50 points ahead of Bruno Senna, who has 39 points. That's quite a lot and Senna should not fail at the weekend, otherwise it will be really tight. However - Senna seems to be set at Toro Rosso for next year already, even if he is not master. He should just take a good season and at least second. I'm with Bruno Senna but not so sure how well the nephew of Ayrton actually is. In the British F3 he has never really convinced me, in his first GP2 year was equally a leisurely pace. This year it runs much better, because he has succeeded, finally something reinzubekommen constancy in his race.

F1 - News

- Red Bull has finished (bad) confusion around the successor of Coulthard and expected to be confirmed Sebastian Vettel. They wanted to make sure the well at the GP of Germany, which is a nice touch. But the thing obviously was already clear. Thus a door for Alonso is then also fallen. Stay only Toyota, Honda, BMW and Ferrari. Renault and of course, the Spaniards should have popped another year if Ferrari can not be separated from Massa or wants. For the Germans it is really about then from 2009 to something. It is already expected of him that he does Mark Webber hell and beat him towards the end of the season as well. Webber is likely to be a tough nut for the Germans, especially in the qualification, as the Australians known to be on a fast lap probably belongs together with Jarno Trulli the fastest in the circus. For Vettel Webber is the first real indicator in Formula One.

- Willi Weber has fired up the speculation machine, and claims that McLaren is separate from Kovalainen, so you can use Nico Rosberg. A devil will make McLaren. On the one Kovalainen is not in a bad mood. He suggests Hamilton here and there in the qualification and brings important points in the standings. On the other hand, the Finn is a perfect water carrier and the team can concentrate on Hamilton. What better can not happen at McLaren, so as a constellation. Having a Rosberg would certainly be nice, but then you would also again more unrest in the team and two riders who each take the points. Weber probably want to put his protege Nico Hulkenberg at Williams.

- There is to say the subject Williams but also a lot. Somehow not like the communication between the team and Rosberg straight. The are quite a few interviews in which he complained indirectly about the team and their performance potential into question. It's not even know he was wrong. The question is rather whether it's done. Especially if they have been this year with such errors as Rosberg is loaded. Now the media write a lot and not all may be true, but at least Premiere he does not miss interview in which he is not a critical look at the performance of his team. I find this rather unpleasant. Rosberg should think sometimes, what other options he had. At Renault, he comes from bad to worse, McLaren does not want him, Ferrari certainly not most, would not BMW, but if want to go for marketing purposes with two German drivers at the start?


- This will be heard at the NASCAR likes. The Nationwide team JGT will employ a car in the Sprint Cup next year. At the wheel will sit Marcus Ambrose, former Master of the V8 Supercar series. The rise was possible because Brad Daugherty (Ex-NBA Star) has bought into the team and now holds 50%. The team's then JGT Daugherty. Ambrose fäht rum with moderate success in the NW series for two years, has been on continuously developed. A top 35 place is not impossible for the team.

- GM strokes his racing budget together. The car company now gets to feel the brunt of the bad US economy. Entire $ 10 billion and will have to save it, and also the racing program, GM is investigated. Here it goes, but once only to the sponsorship of some routes / race, the dearly GM. It has not yet said whether you want to save in the NASCAR racing department itself. But here you will probably answer it as a last resort, because you hardly want to fall behind Dodge, Ford or Toyota. At least not in the Sprint Cup. But the cost in NASCAR have exploded in recent years. Even Toyota hear that you want to put more money into the NASCAR under any circumstances. Ford has not taken a decision, in Dodge, you never know what's coming, because the company is owned by a private investment fund, yes. I'm sure - should the US economy go downhill so, then that is just the beginning of a reduction aria in NASCAR.

- Allegedly Jacques Villeneuve will go live in northwest race in Montreal Presumably, he will take a team of Robby Gordon He drives the # 32 Braun Racing, a team that is also supported by Toyota and with this year.. Kyle Busch could already enter to win. But that to be a one time thing.

And what else?
- If WTCC race at Brands Hatch is a Volvo C30 STCC go from the Swedish Championship at the start. This could be an indication that Volvo seriously think about going into the WTCC. After Toyota this year by three corners with a Yaris in the championship coming, so seems a lot to do in the WTCC.

TV Weekend Preview is online. Preview for the remaining races coming tomorrow.


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